Sat Nam

I am Mehtab Akal Singh (born Clifford Lindor). I originally created this blog to share my journey into spirituality. I soon discovered that having a blog required more than I realized. Being consistent is not really my thing for this blog but being truthful and sharing my thoughts and opinion is. This journey thus far has been so transformational with its various ups and downs. I enjoy creating entries where I get to express myself to whoever is willing to listen.

In the realm of spirituality the subjects are plentiful but my path is quite simple yet eclectic. I consider myself a psychic who strives to develop my spiritual gifts as well as empower others to do the same. I am also a therapist of many sorts from general/spiritual counsel, body therapist and an energetic therapist. I am also a passionate Kundalini Yogi and qi gong practitioner. And above all, I am a product of the divine here to serve humankind.

Join me on this adventure towards truth and unconditional love. It is my intention and my hope that through my words the fragments of your soul that are wounded may find solace. May my journey uplift, inspire and empower you. It is my goal to ascend and to heal and teach along the way. I seek only to bathe in high vibrations and all those vibrations radiate from the core of my being. Thank you blessed heart.

Selamat Gajun Selamat Ja